In the Collision of Truck with Bus Carrying Students in California, Around 9 are killed

LOS ANGELES: 32 injured and 9 killed on Thursday when a collision took place between a FedEx truck and a tour bus carrying high school students in Northern California, a California Highway Patrol (CHP) as said by the spokesperson.
usa bus crash
Fran Clader, the spokeswoman of California Highway Patrol (CHP), said, “The happening took place when the control of the vehicle was lost by the truck driver, crossed over a divider on Interstate 5 eventually slammed into a passenger vehicle and then the tour bus.” She further said, “The bus was carrying high school students and other passengers to Humboldt State University for a tour. The crash took place near the community of Orland, about 95 miles north of Sacramento. ”

According to her more than thirty injured were taken to the nearby hospital. It is hard to comment anything about their conditions as it was not immediately known. In both directions interstate 5 was closed. Moreover it is not expected to reopen until early Friday morning.

“The company was aware of media reports that one of its trucks had crashed into a tour bus in California” said by the spokeswoman for FedEx Corp. The spokeswoman Bonnie Kourvelas said, “Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved in the tragic accident on I-5 in California.” She further said, “We are cooperating fully with authorities as they investigate. The condition of the truck’s driver is still unknown.”

Rollin Richmond, Humboldt State University President said in the written statement, “Our hearts go out to those who have been affected, and we are here to support them, and their families, in any way possible.” He said in the students, from Southern California, had been due to visit the college campus on Friday.

Images from the scene displayed the bus resting sideways across the highway and reduced to a burned-out chassis and.

Teen stabs 22 : Stampede of kids yelling

A 16-year-old boy Alex Hribal in Pennsylvania thrashed away with two kitchen dagger, stabbing and scathing 21 students and a watch-man in the busy congested halls of his provincial Pittsburgh high school before an assistant principal gripped him. A boy’s liver was spiked by a kitchen knife thrust that scarcely missed his heart and aorta, including about five students who were severely injured in the attack. Others also suffered deep abdominal rupture injuries. The turmoil, that came years after in which US schools regulated much of their crisis planning fronting mass firings, not stabbings, set off a yelling dash, left blood on the palisades and floor, and brought staff members rushing to help the victims. The aggravated assault un-wrapped in the morning few minutes before the beginning of classes at 1,200-student Franklin Regional High School, in an upper-middle-class area 15 miles east of Pittsburgh. It was around five minutes, amid which the young boy ran rashly down about 200 feet of hallway, slashing away with knives of about 10 inches long.
Teen stabs 22  Stampede

A little light is shed on the objective but the 16-year-old suspect with a “blank expression” has been taken into custody and treated for a minor arm wound. He was then brought into the court handcuffed and a hospital gown and charged with four counts of attempted assassination and 21 counts of aggravated attack. He was incarcerated without bail and would be prosecuted as an adult.

District Attorney at the brief hearing said that he wanted to die after he was confiscated. Defense attorney Patrick Thomassey asking for Hribal’s psychiatric examination described him as a good student who gel-up well with others. The FBI investigated the boy’s house, where officials planned to seize and search his computer.
The attack was really fast that led a number of heroes turned up in this day didn’t leave their friends and stayed with them at the stricken town. Investigators are now looking into reports of a threatening phone call between the suspect and another student the night before. It is not mentioned the suspect received or made the call.


An attack against the Islamic law at Rawalpindi kills 23

The deadliest blast in Islamabad in several years when a bomb blown up at a bustling vegetable market in the Pakistani city of Rawalpindi, collapsing 23 people and injuring at-least 39 people. Authorities had been confused in their reporting of people injured and killed. The explosive bomb had been hidden in a casket of guava fruit and set off the bomb amid the early morning traffic. Dissected body parts and bloodstained piece of clothes were dispersed throughout the fruit stalls at the vegetable market between Islamabad and its twin city of Rawalpindi. Body parts went everywhere and even stroke other people on the head and the blood-soaked shoes laid between the boxes of straw damaged all fruits. According to some authorities, Taliban have killed tens of thousands of Pakistanis and continuously attack educational institutions, crowded marketplaces and public transport.
Bomb blast in Pakistan
The explosive blast occurred far from army buildings since Rawalpindi is home to the headquarters of the military. The terrific attack followed weeks of elementary talks with the major Pakistani Taliban Islamist militant group battling the state who last week elongated a ceasefire until April 10.

The Pakistani Taliban however refused responsibility for the morning attack that went off as vendors assembled for fruit auctions and blamed it on “hidden hands”. The Taliban are fighting to impose a strict form of Islamic law overthrowing Pakistan’s democratically-elected government. Taliban in peace talks with officials of the government demanded the release of hundreds of its prisoners and the clearance of the army representatives from few of the tribal regions, some semi-autonomous ethnic Pashtun areas where militants shelter along the border with Afghanistan.

The demise of innocent people in blast on public places is really depressing.

Mike Rooney – America’s biggest movie star dies at 93

Global film gentry and enthusiasts received a jolt with the demise of great actor Mike Rooney, whose characterizations spanned for almost a century in the history of global film industry. Mike Rooney (sep. 23, 1920 – Apr. 6, 2014) died at the age of 93 after a long illness condition as reported by friends and prominent web entertainment media. His place of death is not reported however in the absence of any direct spokesperson to speak for the legend.
legendary actor mickey rooney dies at 93

One of the biggest movie stars of America, his career started as a teenager in 1930s with his roles in ‘Mickey McGuire’ series of films which even earned him the name of Mickey McGuire for some years. In his first film, ‘Not To Be Trusted’ that was a silent movie, he appeared as a short stature teenager cigar smoker, creating iconic image for him that was to be portrayed in the upcoming films.

He emerged as the box office attraction during 1939-1940 with the super hit ‘Andy Hardy series’ of films portraying Rooney as the central character. The first Andy Hardy film, ‘A Family Affair’ was released in 1937. ‘Academy Awards for the juvenile’ was conferred on him in 1938. His on screen chemistry with Judy Garland was received with passions and enthusiasm by the then audience leading to their portraying a number of great films like, ‘Love Finds Andy Hardy’ and ‘Girl Crazy’.

He however evolved to roles of depth and versatility through his characterizations in films like, ‘Bad Boys’ which diversified his role orientations. A legend of the film industry, he also suffered many ups and downs in his personal life and career in later part of his life. He married 8 times and fathered 5 sons and 5 daughters. His demise is being viewed as a generating a void in the American film history that nine can easily fill!

US deploy additional destroyers to position a second X-band missile in Japan

The United States is all set to extend two additional destructive agents harnessed with missile defense systems to Japan by the year 2017. Eyeing on North Korea, US will deploy to send more missile defense ships to Japan. The defense secretary Chuck Hagel in a move said that it is a revert in part to North Korean missile launches that have frightened the province.

U.S defense radar in JapanOn March 26, Pyongyang in an outward show of bravado fired two Rodong missiles just as the leaders of South Korea, Japan and the United States were discussing about the North Korean nuclear threat. Since then stiffness and density have been building between North Korea and its neighbors. The Rodong ballistic missiles due to short of a maximum range fell into the sea after flying 650 km. The United States in response to Pyongyang’s concept of aggravating, intoxicating and damaging actions announced recently that it is planning to forward-deploy two additional “AEGIS” ballistic missile defense ships to Japan at a news conference at Japan’s defense ministry. This step will bring America’s Japan-based brisk of ballistic missile defense potential ships to seven and will strengthen US alliance and increase deterrence against North Korean aggression.
Pyongyang’s ablaze of mid-range missiles competent of slamming Japan subsequent to a series of short-range rocket launches over the past two months. Prompting the South to fire back, North Korea has fired artillery sessions into South Korean water as Pyongyang has threatened of an undetermined new form of nuclear test.

The radar is expected to essentially reinforce U.S naval presence while increasing ground-base missile defenses in Alaska. The move apparently will greatly enhance the ability of US to defend both Japan and its homeland from North Korean ballistic missile threats.


Train derailed, 3 dead in Indonesia’s landslide

A passenger train travelling through Indonesia’s main island of Java bumped into hump of mud triggered by a landslide and went off the track in central Indonesia, killing at least three people in the cannon and injuring two of them. The numbers of injured people however are still not confirmed. As per a railway official after the heavy rain prompted a landslide in central Indonesia, a passenger train stroke upon heap of mud in which at least three people lost their lives while two others are in critical condition.
3 dead in train derailment landslide in Indonesia
However it is still not clear if the tall grass had been an obstruction in the view or driver issues is among the factors in train crash. A spokesman Junerfin for the Indonesian Railway Company stated that the train derailed in a district on Java Island at a terminal in Tasikmalaya. He mentioned that the three coaches wrecked going off the rails into a 10-meter or 32-feet deep ravine when a landslide obscured part of the tracks and the train’s brakes failed to stop it from smashing into mounds of mud.

Indonesia a sovereign state in Southeast Asia and Oceania consists of 17,508 islands. Indonesian economy is the world’s 16th largest by nominal GDP and is a member of the G-20 major economies. The founder member of ASEAN shares land borders with Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and East Timor including Australia, Singapore, Palau, Philippines and the Indian territory of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands as neighboring countries. Making it the world’s fourth most populous country, it encompasses over 238 million people with 34 provinces. But the aging railway network and the poor infrastructure in the state has made train accidents common in Indonesia.

The hunt for survivors, remnants following a train deflection at village Mekar Sari in Tasikmalaya, West Java, Indonesia is carried on by Indonesian police. Rail track is seen at bottom.

Adventure turned to misadventure for a 46 years old German skydiver

Diana Paris a German woman aged 46 has lost her life while taking part in Arizona mass aerial formation. A group of 222 people had taken part in an attempt to set a world record for a group-formation jump. The malfunctioning of the parachute is the reason behind crashing down of German skydiver. As per the Police officials and organisers, Diana Paris of Berlin collapsed due to her main faulty parachute that her reserve chute opened too late. German skydiver Diana Paris was declared dead at the scene. Organizers however said that safety was the prime concern in their minds while planning and implementing this complicated stunt as skydivers during the record-breaking attempt were to be at an altitude of about 19,500ft (6,000 meters). The average freefall speeds were to be about 120 miles per hour (190km/h). The maneuver effort took 18 months in the making. The skydivers under the plan in multi-coloured jumpsuits were taken aloft by 10 planes and had 80 seconds to complete kaleidoscope-like formations prior to opening their chutes.
misadventure for a 46 years old German skydiver
As an acknowledgement to 46-year-old Diana Paris of Berlin, skydivers perform a tribute jump in her honour involving a manoeuvre called a missing man formation after their group member was crucify to death during a world-record attempt in Arizona. The troupe of skydivers from 28 countries had arrived at US for attempting to beat a previous record for the highest number of people involving 110 skydivers to complete two aerial formations before disposing their parachutes. The last record, involving 110 skydivers, was established in the year 2013 in Florida.

A spokeswoman Jocelyn Bernatchez for Skydive Arizona a facility about 65 miles (105km) south of Phoenix submitted in a report that the malfunctioning parachute was discharged too low to let the reserve parachute to open completely. The spokeswoman also marked that the plane involved had been operating accurately and weather conditions were favourable at the time of the casualty.


Pakistan’s former military ruler Musharraf escapes manslaughter bomb attempt

Pakistan’s former military ruler Pervez Musharraf linearly slipped an assassination shot as a bomb went off shortly before his escort was about to pass. Pervez Musharraf on who is on trial for breach of faith led Pakistan from 1999 to 2008. To fight in general elections, he returned from self-imposed expatriation in March last year but was unluckily barred from participating in elections and had to face a sequel of legal cases including treason. The bomb was plotted on Musharraf’s way from an army hospital where he has been residing since January to his home on the periphery of Islamabad.
Pervez Musharraf

As per one of the senior police official Liaqat Niazi, four kilograms of explosive device that was seeded down in a pipeline under a bridge burst around 20 minutes before the former president was presumed to pass. By far there have been no claims of responsibility and there are no reports of anyone being injured in the blast. Former president Musharraf was the intended target. The incident was confirmed by a spokesman for the Islamabad police Muhammad Naeem saying that the bomb disposal squadron had cleared the area after the explosion.

The Taliban also undertake solemnly to send a regiment of suicide bombers to kill him but security threats have interrupted him from appearing at all but two of his treason hearings. With the first three attempts occurring while he was in office, this was the fourth attempt on the ex-general’s life. The former president Musharraf was taken home via an alternative route.

Peoples Party on an upset note said on that General Pervez Musharraf had spoiled the image of the military forces and now the Pakistan Army had no interest in his trial. It was also said that there are no chances of Musharraf being allowed to go abroad at this point.

UK churches becoming the best party places – IRONY

The old and sacred buildings in UK are put to new uses. The church’s unnerving atmosphere has been converted into electrifying ambience with loud music and bottles popping-up. Religious worship and devotion has been depreciating in UK for years, and church officials are highly compelled to rethink the administration of their large and extremely expensive estates. The only thing being worshipped at one church is beer while the luxury flashy cars are on sale at another church. It is highly observed that a distinguished kind of transformation is taking place at few of Britain’s churches making their way to throbbing pop music and barrels. Manchester has encountered a huge number of other churches being converted into a library, luxury homes, wellness centres, climbing centre in a circus school in Bristol, a supermarket, and a Sikh temple.
Presbyterian church in north London

The credit courtesy goes to a rapid decline in religion and lack of interest in traditional values or cultural ethics. The whopping costs of maintaining these historic buildings are appeared as another reason for this new congregation. The founders of these scared buildings may have been horrified with such a peculiar conversion that rendered new lives to many. A rising number of churches being converted into pubs in UK is a sign of changing lifestyle and a sense of more practicality than spirituality.

The first hint that there’s a new multitude came up in the form of the barrels of Guinness, pulsating pop music, flutter from the Presbyterian church in north London’s upmarket Muss well Hill district, behind the imposing red-brick frontage. The magnificent exteriors of the church built in 1902 remain unchanged. There is an Irish pub inside this church fully stuffed on Fridays and Saturdays where a flock of people come every evening to enjoy. John Earl, a construction worker said that had it been a church only, there would barely be only few people here to worship and devote their prayers.